BYD is a factory founded in 1995 that has grown to a giant in the field of batteries, automobiles, solar panels and various other products. Their specialty though is rechargeable batteries. For solar storage solutions, they use the Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry and have a stack solution where you can add modules depending on the storage energy you require or desire. The stacks are made of 2.76 kWH packets. You can add from 8.28 kWH up to 22.08 kWH in total. This is the most reliable, affordable and modifiable battery system we have found for 3-phase houses. For single phase houses we recommend consideration of the ALPHA eSTORE integrated system but the BYD stack can still be used if you desire greater than 10 kWH of stored energy. This battery stack system works particularly well when integrated with the FRONIUS hybrid inverter. Click here to see an informative article by PV-magazine on this combination. Due to recent changes in the rebate being dropped to 3 cents per unit of energy you produce, battery storage is becoming more attractive. The STCs are still very generous and if you have a 3 phase house then you can load up your house with as many panels as you can and get a subsidy for every panel you install. However, you forfeit the 3c/unit feed in tariff if you go over 5kW but if you are storing this energy in a large battery and use the majority of it at night then this is of little concern.