This was a lovely 6.6kW solar system installation on a house in Hamilton hill. Dane was super happy to get the Dingo Solar special, this is a combination package where we offer an electric bicycle with a 6.6 kW solar system. It costs $5000 in total but it will pay itself off many times in its lifetime. Dane, the wife, the kids and even the dog seem to all be smiling!


From Fremantle to Perth, Mandurah to the city, Joonalup and Armadale. Imagine if the bike lanes next to the train tracks were covered in solar panels like this wonderful development in Korea. Here there are 20 miles of bike lane with solar panels. This could serve to provide electricity to power trains and to keep the riders dry and reduce air friction.


DINGO SOLAR is delighted to see the 2020 version of DNV GL’s solar panel reliability scorecard. Click here to download the report that contains independent test data of various solar panels. DINGO SOLAR only selects manufacturers that are top performers from these reports. Having an independent reporting body is a great means to ensure the products you select for your system are of high quality and reliability. It’s a large report but a quick skim read will enlighten you to the importance of choosing a system that will pass the test of time in Australia’s harsh environment.


Dingo Solar are pleased to hear that the Western Australian Government has announced funding initiatives for renewable energy. The funding includes several solar systems including: $1.8m for bus and train station solar systems, $6m for solar social housing projects and $45m for 50 solar-battery projects in the North West WA.

Dingo Solar welcomes the announcement and proposes more funding initiatives in the domestic solar-battery area. For more information on the WA State Government announcement: see link.