Our Inverters

The inverter is the piece of equipment that takes the high DC voltage from your solar system and converts it to 240 volts AC that can be fed into your house or back to the grid. It’s arguably the most important piece of equipment for reliability of a solar system. We have chosen to use only extremely reliable inverters. All of the inverters have WiFi capability so you can monitor your solar system power production from a computer or phone application.

The GoodWe 5kW inverter is a great light weight and simple inverter that comes with the industry standard 10 year warranty. It can be overloaded with solar panels to a maximum of 6.66 kW to ensure that it is feeding your meter box with 5 kW of steady power for a greater portion of the day. It is IP65 rated for indoor or outdoor installation and uses a heat-sink for cooling as opposed to a fan so has increased reliability over inverters with older technology. It can be linked to your WiFi system for power monitoring. In the field, this is one of the most reliable inverters on the market.

The Sunny Boy 5 kW inverter from SMA has the reputation in the industry as being the most reliable inverter for residential solar systems of all time. This inverter can be loaded with up to 6.66 kW of panels. SMA is a German company founded in 1981 that produces arguably the best quality and reliable inverters for both residential and industrial applications. Their inverters are produced in Germany. They have a 10 year warranty and if you are willing to pay that little bit extra and are looking for a European product then SMA may be the best inverter for you.

The PRIMO is an inverter from FRONIUS that is used for single phase houses. FRONIUS, along with SMA are the two inverters with the greatest reputation in Australia for reliability and performance. This is one of the inverters you would choose if you are looking for a high-end system.

The GOODWE 5 kW DT series inverter is a neat attractive inverter that we use for 3-phase houses. We have never had a single problem with this inverter and highly recommend it for residents looking for an affordable and reliable inverter to couple to a solar system of up to 6.66 kW. This inverter comes with the industry standard 10 year warranty.

The FRONIUS SYMO is an inverter suitable for 3 phase phase houses. FRONIUS has a great reputation in Australia and many people opt for this inverter or SMA for a high-end solution that boasts reliability. FRONIUS is a company that was established in Austria in 1945; they have had an Australian office since 2010 and their inverters are still made in Austria. They are a fine choice if you are looking for a European inverter.

SMA are known to be the leaders in the world in inverter technology. Their Sunny Boy 5 kW TL series is suitable for solar panel arrays up to 6.66 kW. These inverters are German made and come with a 10 year warranty. This is the inverter of choice if you are looking for the highest quality inverter for a three phase house. They can be located indoors or outdoors.

ENPHASE are a Californian based company founded in 2007 that produce arguably the world’s most well-known microinverter. All solar power needs to be converted from DC to AC, this is typically done with one single large inverter mounted on your wall and this connects to your meter box. ENPHASE microinverters instead mount under each panel and convert the power directly to AC at the panel, the cables then run through their smart monitoring system named the Envoy and feed to your meter. This has the benefit of being able to monitor each panel individually, no bulky inverter required on a wall and shading affects only the panel it hits rather than the entire string. They can be considerably more efficient if there is shading hitting your roof at various times during the day. They are a high end solution that attracts a similarly high price tag.