What is your warranty on panels, inverters and workmanship?

There is a 10 year warranty on everything! If you have a problem, then please relax. Our install team will come out and look at the system and replace anything free of charge whether it’s a faulty panel, wiring or inverter for 10 years.

How long does it take to get the solar system installed?

Typically between 2-5 weeks. We need to arrange SYNERGY approvals and meter changes which is a mild holdup and then we can book in an installation date with you.

Do you have a price list for different systems?

Glad you asked, please click here to see our price matrix. You can mix and match whichever solar panel and whichever inverter you like.

What are the rebates and feed in tariffs?

The rebate is the amount of money that the government contributes to you purchasing your solar system. It is done in a complicated method using solar trading credits (STCs). However, the team that does the installation for you nearly always makes the process simple for you by claiming the STCs for you and deducting this from the purchase cost. The STCs currently (September 2020) are around $3700-$3800 for a 6.6kW system. The more panels you put on your roof, the more STCs you can claim. Generally speaking, a 6.6kW system would cost around $7200 – $8200 but because of the rebate you can get this same system for around $3500 – $4500.

The feed in tariff is a separate thing. When your solar system is working at full power and you are not using much energy then the excess energy your solar system produces goes back into the grid and is used by someone else down the street. Synergy/Western Power will pay you for this energy. The rates (September 2020) in WA are 10 cents per kilowatt-hour between the hours of 3pm – 9pm and 3 cents per kilowatt-hour all other times.

Can I get German or Australian panels?

SOLARWATT is the only German company with panels made in Germany and imported into Australia. QCELL has a research facility in Germany. The only Australian panel is made by a company called TINDO based in Adelaide and they only produce for their own installations so we can’t use them unfortunately. CANADIAN SOLAR was founded in Canada and produces in both Canada and China. All of the other big players are Chinese but the quality, technology, warranty, service and price is impressive. Any panel sold legitimately in Australia has meet international standards and has been tested rigorously by the Australian Clean Energy Council. Tier 1 panels from the following Chinese companies are all great: SUNTECH, LONGI, REC, TRINA, GCL, EGING, ET, SERAPHIN, JINKO to name just a few. Nearly all inverter and solar panel companies now offer a standard 10 year warranty. We also offer a 10 year workmanship warranty so for the next 10 years every possible warranty scenario is covered.

How do I decide which inverter to use?

Good question! Like panels, there is an impressive and ever growing list of inverters certified for use in Australia. ABB, SUNGROW, SMA, HUAWEI, GOODWE, FRONIUS, SOLIS, SOLAX, DELTA, and ZEVERSOLAR are among the list of inverters we have used without problem. However, we have decided to concentrate only on SMA (German), FRONIUS (Austrian) and GOODWE (Chinese),so that we are experts in what we install. We’ve actually found all of these inverters to be equally reliable in the field. The solar industry is quite competitive these days so prices are at an all time low. If our installers have to go back to fix a job then the business runs at a loss rather than a profit so we do our best to ensure that we have no failures and never have to return to your house. This is great for you and also us!

How do I know if my house is single phase or 3 phase?

In your meter box, a 3 phase system has 3 large fuses which look like this. In a single phase meter box you will have one large fuse which looks like this. If you and unable to tell the difference, get in contact and we will help you work it out. If you have a 3 phase system, it will cost an extra $900 as the inverter costs us a lot more – sorry.

How long is the payback time?

About 2.5 to 4 years. The main variables include: how much power do you regularly use, roof direction, shading and your day power use versus night power use. At a very general estimate, a 6.6kW system will reduce your electricity bill by around $100 per month.

Why do you put 6.6kW of panels on a 5kW inverter?

SYNERGY purchases the excess electricity your solar system produces currently at around 7-8 cents per kWh but only with an inverter size up to 5kW. However, due to energy losses and efficiency, if you only have 5kW of panels then you will only get a maximum of around 4kW at your inverter. Using more panels allows you to reach the maximum 5kW of power at your inverter. This maximises your permissable energy production to still get money back for the energy you produce.

Do you offer finance?

We personally do not offer finance but there is a group called Ratesetters that offer green loans and are probably the best for your solar system, we can provide links to them if this interests you. It’s all been rather seamless when we’ve used them previously. If you have a mortgage on your property, the chances are your interest is approximately 3%. Given that that our solar systems have a payback period of 2.5-4 years, this means an effective return on investment of 25-40% which is roughly 10 times better than current mortgage rates so it may be better putting it on your mortgage than seeking finance from another company.