Sign up for this deal to get:

1 x Electric bike tomorrow

1 x 6.6 kW solar system

1 x 10 kWh battery storage system


This deal is only available to people living within 100 km of Perth or Fremantle and have a house with single phase power connected. It includes:

1) Electric Bike – Valued at $1790, this is a bike designed by SOLAR BIKE, one of Australia’s first ebike companies located in Fremantle. It comes with a 1 year warranty and free first service. Pick up tomorrow from Fremantle or have it delivered to your place. See your bike here.

2) 6.6 kW solar system – 5 kW is actually the most you can feed back to the grid to get the full benefits of the feed in tariff. However, you can load up your inverter with extra panels to ensure that you are exporting the full 5 kW of electricity to the grid, using it in your house or charging your batteries with it. We use only top Tier 1 panels for our installation. Please review panels and efficiency here.

3) 10 kW battery storage – Having this battery system installed enables you to store excess solar energy that you create during the day rather than export to the grid and also allows you to power your house in the event of a black-out. This system is a very neat design that incorporates both battery and inverter into the same unit. Please click here for more information.